Steeped in the charming old streets of Belgium in small town Beveren which is 20 minutes from Antwerp central and 40 minutes from Gent en 1 hour from Bruuge en Brussels. This 7-bedroom bed & breakfast is situated in the town’s (Beveren-Waas) historic cobble stone street. B&B NH welcomes visitors to experience the dynamic and vibrant cultural neighbourhood of Belgium along with experiencing the local culture, food and entertainment. As very truly said, only true travellers know that local experience, knowledge and cuisine is incomparable to all the big city travels.

In Notarishuis we have tried not to erase the past, merely because it does not fit the present and that’s why in Notarishuis Beveren B&B we have tried to preserve the original essence of the past while at the same time incorporating the modernization of the present.

Notarishuis Beveren B&B has a past worthy of notice, the then established Notary of Waasland build it in 1968 for the use of himself and his family, on the premises of the maid’s house of the nearby manor . As the time and years rolled on, it was further bought in 2016 by the currentB&B owners and slowly but steadily it has now been refurbished to provide the guests with understated customised palatial interiors.

Our beds are handmade specially in England, embroidered Egyptian cotton sheets, Italian bathroom floors, and tropical hardwood floors gloriously combine the past and present.

Notarishuis Beveren B&B’s unique location provides direct access  by rail and road to all prime locations in Belgium  like Bruges, Gent, Antwerp and Brussels .
Alongside this informal Flemish townhouse with a relaxing garden and a swimming pool there is more to it, which can only be experienced by staying a night in this old former notary house.

B&B Notarishuis
Kloosterstraat 15
9120 Beveren-Waas